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Especially our happy, healthy, tail-wagging puppies who are ready for you to love!

About Brown's Babies

Brown's Babies has been breeding the most precious Cavapoos, Maltipoos, Shihpoos, and Poodles for over 18 years from our home located in Henagar, Alabama (Approximately 2 hours from both Birmingham and Atlanta, and 1 hour from Huntsville and Chattanooga). We do not ship our puppies under any circumstances, however, we are not opposed to you flying in, renting a car, and then flying in the cabin with our babies back to your home. :)


When time permits, we also offer delivery services and are able to travel up to 200 miles from our home for a competitive fee.

All of our puppies are given a thorough physical examination by our licensed Veterinarian, Dr. Scott Elliot, DVM, and receive age-appropriate shots, dewormings, and preventatives. They will come with a 1-year genetic health guarantee and 30 days of free Trupanion Pet Insurance.

Brown's Babies does not knowingly sell to breeders UNLESS you are able to make arrangements for Edward and me to visit your home and provide veterinary references.

Our Story

17 years ago I became addicted to 4 paws and fur. I know that sounds crazy but any animal lover would know exactly what I mean. 

Available Puppies

We mainly raise Cavapoos at Brown's Babies, but we also offer Poodles, Maltipoos, Shihpoos occationally.

Customer Reviews

We love our customers and are proud to share their experiences, including the current state of their new family members :)



Poos typically shed very little and are recommended for families with allergies, or those who don’t want to mess with constant dog hair.


Poodles have fewer health issues than many other breeds. Additionally, the hybrid vigor which results from cross-breeding means that Poos & Doodles are typically healthier dogs.


Poodles are one of the smartest (and easiest to train) dog breeds. Crossing a Poodle with another breed almost always makes a smarter puppy.


People say that Poo puppies have a teddy-bear look that is almost too good to be true. We agree with every part of this, except at Browns Babies... it is true :)


Browns Babies offers only the best Poos. We specialize in varieties that are usually great with kids and other people. Families looking for a companion often find Poos to be a great fit. Research has proven that Dog Ownership can be a great blessing for anyone and fantastic for children.



In addition to all Browns Babies puppies receiving antibodies from their fully vaccinated mothers at birth, we continue to provide all age-appropriate and medically necessary vaccines and preventions for the puppies until they are ready for their new families.


It’s important to us that our customers feel that we are doing our best,  therefore all of our puppies are examined by our licensed veterinarian prior to departure so they are ready for their new forever homes.


Trupanion Pet supports the quality of puppies we offer at Browns Babies by providing 30 days of FREE insurance and we follow it up with our Browns Babies 1-year health guarantee. Offering comprehensive, written protections to our customers is our way of showing how much we care! View Guarantee


Adding a member to your family is a big decision. We are here to help! If you have questions about our Babies or you would like additional information please let us know. We are ready to assist you!

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