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7 - 13 lbs


8 - 11 inches

Life Expectancy

15-18 years

All Browns Babies Toy Poodle puppies result from breeding two 100% purebred Toy / Miniature Poodles.

Browns Babies does not offer a "waitlist" for our sweet babies. Edward and I strongly believe in matching each of our puppies with their forever home as they become available.

All poos shown below are currently in the process of receiving their final touches and veterinarian checks. Outside of extenuating circumstances, we anticipate each being available for pick-up at the below-referenced dates. Please understand we are a family-owned breeder and prefer to do all doggy business on Fridays and Saturday's 12 noon to 5 central.


Toy Poodle - a combination of two purebred Toy / Minature Poodles.

All breeds of Poodle are famous for their incredibly playful and interactive temperaments, low-shedding coats, hypoallergenic features, and health. The Toy Poodle is the most sought-after breed of Poodle. Toy Poodles are excellent with children, as they are highly intelligent, easily trained, and energetic yet playfully gentle. The Toy Poodle also offers a peaceful and accepting demeanor, uncharacteristic of other Poodle breeds. They seldom bark, love to cuddle, and are just the right size!


(These advantages are typically the case, but cannot be guaranteed to be true of each individual Poodle puppy.)

  1. One of the healthiest Dog breeds with a life expectancy of 15 - 18 years

  2. Hypoallergenic Coat

  3. No to Low-Shedding Coat

  4. Intelligent and Playfully Energetic Personality

  5. Very Friendly with Children

  6. Small Breed (Toy Poodles typically range between 8-11 inches tall)


Toy Poodles are incredibly smart and easily trained. They will learn things in a flash. Toy poodles are devoted family pets who love to be the center of attention, learn tricks, and take walks. They're excellent in agility and because of their energetic nature will play with children for hours. You will see their extreme intelligence begin to manifest as they learn to engage in more complex games such as hide and seek. 

Toys are supposed to be fun, and Toy Poodles' personalities live up to their name. The "teddy bear" of dogs, the Toy Poodle is affectionate, loving, trusting, and intelligent. The flip side to that coin is that Toy Poodles can often become attached to their family or dependent. They will get legitimately disgruntled if they think they're being left out of family activities.


Maintenance for Toy Poodles will depend on the dog's exact coat type, but traditionally the Toy Poodle will be either low to non-shedding. For the most part, the Toy Poodle will require brushing every week to ensure the coat remains free from knots and snags, and some more playful Toy Poodles may need to be brushed more frequently. In addition, the toenails of the Toy Poodle will need to be filed or clipped regularly. Several times per year, the coat of the Toy Poodle will need to be trimmed, typically 3-4 times a year at minimum.


Brown’s Babies Toy Poodles' colors vary from litter to litter. Colors include Apricot, Blue, Brown, Tan (Cafe Au Lait), Black, Silver Beige, Red, Silver, White, and Cream. Occasionally we breed Multi-color as well.


Below you will find more information on Browns Babies Toy Poodles. 

  • Toy Poodle: Browns Babies Toy Pooles result from breeding two purebred Toy / Miniature Poodles. Browns Babies Toy Poodles are 100% purebred Toy Poodle.

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